Monday, January 17, 2011

G & T 1: Outliers, Chapter Seven

Chapter seven, The Ethnic Theory of Plane Crashes, is probably one of my favorite chapters in Outliers. It's supremely eye-opening and really speaks to the depths and implications of our cultural legacies.

A few questions for you to answer in a blog post:
1) Briefly summarize chapter seven. (I know that this was a very long chapter, but do your best to remain concise, hitting on the main points.)
2) What lesson(s) can you take away from reading chapter seven?
3) Update your understanding of your own cultural legacy to include communication patterns/habits.

I look forward to our conversation about this chapter and also to you reenacting the transcript details from Avianca 052.

Gifted and Talented Seminar 1

Newly added to my blog list on the right are my Gifted and Talented Seminar 1 students' blogs. Right now, these ninth and tenth graders are blogging about Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers. Soon, we will be starting a bioethics unit and the students plan to track their study of genetics and bioethics on their blogs. Please check them out and comment!