Friday, January 11, 2013

ROGATE: 20% Project!

Write a blog post about your plan for your 20% project. Describe what you want to learn about and why you chose your topic. Also include:

  • Materials you anticipate needing and using
  • Anticipated roadblocks/obstacles/barriers
  • List of people (be specific as you can) whom you can consult for this project

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

GT Seminar I: The DNA Dilemma: A Test That Could Change Your Life

In a few paragraphs, write your personal reaction to the TIME article we read in class, "The DNA Dilemma: A Test That Could Change Your Life." Be sure to include what you feel to be your personal limits when it comes to genome sequencing. How much would you want to know? What would you not want to know? Take the perspectives of other stakeholders as well and describe what you would do as the doctor/geneticist/genetic counselor, the parent, and the child. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

ROGATE 7: Teens and the Media

As we near the end of our unit, you should be more than ready to answer the question: Does advertising influence or reflect teen culture?

For your blog post, you will write at least 4 paragraphs. Make connections between advertising/the media and teen culture. Use at least one quote from one of your articles. You will be evaluated on your ability to make connections about how advertising influences and/or reflects teen culture and on your ability to incorporate research into your writing.

DUE: Post on your blogs by the end of class on Wednesday, January 9

Reflections and Resolutions

REFLECT: What did you learn about yourself in 2012? About the world? About life? 

RESOLVE: What do you resolve to do in the new year? What do you resolve not to do?


REBUFF: If you're anti-New Year's resolutions, explain why!

Feel free to express your thoughts in a traditional blog post format or through a poem or other type of creative writing.