Wednesday, October 24, 2012

GT Seminar 1: 20% Project

Write a blog post about your plan for your first 20% project of the year. Include a link to your video! (Access it by logging in to our gmail account.) Describe what you want to learn about and why you chose your topic. Also include:
  • Materials you anticipate needing and using
  • Anticipated roadblocks/obstacles/barriers
  • List of people (be specific as you can) whom you can consult for this project

Monday, October 22, 2012

Important announcement for ROGATE 7 & 8

Edmodo is down and in the event that it's not up again by tonight, please have your presentations saved elsewhere. You can email them to me or save them to Google Docs.

Looking forward to your presentations!

Friday, October 12, 2012

GT Seminar I: Chris Langan: "The smartest man in America"

After reading all about Chris Langan and his background in Outliers and watching his appearance on the game show 1 vs. 100, write a blog post in which you answer the question: Is Chris Langan successful? (Be sure to include your personal definition of succcess!)

ROGATE 8: Grades!

View my presentation from yesterday about traditional grading vs. standards-based grading and write a blog post in which you discuss your opinion. 

Be sure to address the following:

What is the purpose of grades?
What is your opinion of the current system? (numbers and letters, 100 point scale)
Do you think that the current, traditional grading system accurately represents your learning and knowledge?
Do you think we should keep the current grading system, transfer to a standards-based grading system, or use some combination of both?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

ROGATE 8: Creativity in American Schools: What is going on?!

After watching Sir Ken Robinson's TED talk addressing the idea that schools kill creativity and reading Newsweek's The Creativity Crisis, I'm sure you have an opinion on the topic of creativity in schools today. In fact, I believe you have the best perspective, since you're all students. In a blog post, reflect on what we watched, read, and discussed. There's so much more to talk about related to this topic! What's your take on the idea that creativity in schools has been lost? Have you experienced this? What do you think the effects could be in the future? Write at least two paragraphs and reference both the talk and the article, as well as personal experiences.

I'll miss you guys while at I'm at the Google Teacher Academy and I can't wait to tell you all about my experience. Enjoy your four day weekend and I'll see you Tuesday!