Sunday, March 20, 2011

G&T 2: Collaborative Consumption companies

After watching Rachel Botsman's TED talk entitled “The case for collaborative consumption”, you will research a company/website/game/organization based around the idea of collaborative consumption. You will present for 5 minutes on Wednesday 3/23 about your topic. Your presentation should include what the company does, who founded it, where it was founded, profit (if any), number of users/site traffic, and any additional information you find to be particularly interesting or surprising. You should also write a blog post highlighting your company and what it does. Please briefly summarize and link to the TED talk in your blog post as well.

Here is the list from which to choose:
1) Groupon
2) B-cycle
3) SnapGoods
4) Zilok
6) freecycle
7) Landshare
8) Zopa
9) Little Big Planet
10) Netflix
11) Zipcar
12) Zimride
13) Relay Rides
14) Kickstarter

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