Sunday, December 11, 2011

What do you value?

The Gifted and Talented Seminar 1 class has just begun a unit on Ethics. First, it was necessary to define values, morals, and ethics. After we came to a conclusion and agreement on what the differences are among these three things, we took a values survey to determine what our values are.

I just completed the survey and am quite content with the results. The survey said that I value:

-artistic appreciation
-family love/emotional security

I truly believe that these results describe me perfectly. My whole life is based around helping others and working toward equal rights for all. Right now, I cannot imagine myself in any other job besides teaching. Teaching allows me to foster a love for learning and an appreciation for art (literature, music) in young people. I highly value education and learning in general and see myself as a lifelong learner. I continually read and learn and can never get enough. In addition, my family means the world to me. I have six nieces and nephews with whom I spend a majority of my free time. I am the youngest of three daughters and became an aunt at the age of eleven. My husband and I have been together since we were sophomores in high school and I am as close with his family as I am with mine.

Your blog post assignment is look at the results of your values survey and think about what it told you. Did the results agree with your perception of yourself? Were you surprised by anything? Write about what the values survey told you about yourself on a deeper level.

I look forward to reading about the results of your value surveys!

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