Monday, February 13, 2012

ROGATE: Waste Land documentary

In a blog post about Waste Land, address the following:

Discuss your overall reaction to the film. Though I told you (briefly) about what Waste Land is about, describe what you thought about the film in the beginning and how your opinion changed throughout the film. If it did not change, note that.

In what ways did Vik Muñiz help the people of Jardim Gramacho?

Do you agree that it's better to have the "honest" job at the landfill than the alternative, "dishonest" jobs mentioned in the film? Or do you think that having a job that society considers degrading is not worth it at all?

Did the film make you think about how much garbage you produce on a daily basis? Do you think you will change the way in which you consume and dispose of goods as a result of watching this film?

What other areas of society (American or otherwise) could be highlighted in Vik Muñiz's artistic way?

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