Monday, December 3, 2012

GT Seminar I: The Ethics of Social Media After Death

After watching Adam Ostrow's TED talk, "After your final status update" and reading Cyberspace When You're Dead from the New York Times Magazine, you should have a better-formed opinion of our ongoing discussion of the ethics of social media after death. Adam Ostrow asks, "What happens to our online personality after we die? Could on?" Should it live on? What should happen to our social media accounts and blogs after we die? Should our families get to be in charge of our internet identities?

In a few paragraphs, address these ethical questions and respond to 2-3 of the points made in the article and/or the TED talk. Be sure to quote directly from the article when you reference it. Feel free to reference anything from the Mashable articles we read last week as well.

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