Tuesday, March 5, 2013

GT Seminar I: Terri Schiavo Case Study

As the concluding piece of our bioethics unit, complete the following writing tasks in a blog post.
  • Do you believe that the decision to disconnect Terri Schiavo from life-support was justified? Explain your reasoning, use research, and include your links.
  • Then, choose to answer the questions from one of the five categories below.
1. LIFE AND DEATH: What state is Terri Schiavo in? Is she dead or alive? What is the difference between life and death?
2. PERSONHOOD: Is Terri Schiavo still a person? Is she the same person?
3. RIGHT TO LIFE: Does Terri Schiavo have the right to be kept alive? Does every person have a “right to life”?
4. QUALITY OF LIFE: What is in Terri Schiavo’s best interest? Is her life still worth living? What makes life meaningful?
5. AUTONOMY: Who should decide for Terri Schiavo? When and why should other people decide for me?

Due: Monday, March 11

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